I was born on one side of the world, then I grew up on the other side in a completely different culture where I learned that all kinds of people are swell and that the world is both a fascinating and strange place.

I started taking photographs when I was about 15 with an old Canon camera that my dad gave me. Then I went to school for mildly related stuff but didn’t stop with the photos and that’s just what I do now for other people.

I live in the UK with my wife and our silly rescue dogs, Navi and Luna. I’m a compulsive perfectionist, an outgoing introvert and I have a great time working with clients to fulfill their needs.

I’m passionate about music, film and literature. I collect fossils, watches and high-fives. I love the outdoors and enjoy quiet places. For years I kept tarantulas as pets, about a hundred of them at one point. I no longer keep giant hairy spiders in my home intentionally.

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I once waited at an airport for a ridiculous amount of time so I made a playlist to distract myself; maybe you’ll like it.